Dutch Military Rations

Ration Pack, Dutch Military Issue, Boxed 24 Hour Combat Rations

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  • Here we have a Very Nice Dutch Military Issue Boxed Ration Pack
  • This is the Regular 24 Hour Combat Rations
  • Boxed in a cardboard box, apart from the 2 packets
  • Packets do not fit in the box, as they are designed to fit in a webbing pouch for easy use
  • Made for the Dutch Military, the Ration pack is NATO Approved
  • You get inside, Breakfast and Lunch, Biscuits, meat spread, cheese spread,
  • Tuna spread, Jelly, 3 Packs of Biscuit Crackers.
  • The Beverages come in packets and can be made up with hot or cold water,
  • There is enough powder for 2 cups of chocolate, 1 cup of energy drink, 2 cups of tea, 2 cups of beef stock,
  • Four packets of sugar and 2 packets of whitener.
  • There are some Mentos sweets and gum, boiled sweets, nuts and raisin mix etc. all good snacks.
  • The main course is in the packets, contains 400g of food - Please note Main meals may vary or be the same
  • packets can be heated in a mess tin or eaten cold if in the field and have no means of heating.
  • Total weight of the box and the 2 packets is 1700g approx Excellent Ration pack for collector or display,
  • Or of course if you want to eat it the best before is march 2013 - But still tasty !