U.S. Pup Tent Pole, Genuine U.S. Military Issue Wooden Bivvi Pole, Single


  • U.S. Military Issue Pup Tent Pole
  • Genuine Used fully serviceable Bivi Poles
  • Sold as individual poles for 2.50 each
  • Poles have been used by U.S Army since WWII
  • Most poles are 1950's, 1960's
  • Some are dated, some are not - sorry we cannot choose specific dates
  • Poles can be joined together to make as tall or as short as you need
  • 1 Pole measures 40cm - Approx 16inches from top of tip to base
  • Poles are approx 1 inch in diameter
  • Excellent spare poles for your U.S. Pup tent
  • or join a few together for shelter etc.
  • Sold in singles only - 2.50 each