Aircrew Survival go Pack Survival Kit in Olive Pouch from BCB (CK420)

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  • Aircrew MK4 Survival Go Pack Kit
  • Latest Issue MK4 Aircrew Go Pack
  • As Successfully used in the Gulf war
  • Standard issue inside Royal Air Force ejection seats
  • This high specification kit is vacuum-sealed in olive foil packets
  • All contents are them stored and contained in a flexible olive bag.
  • Contents include Purifying Tablets, Tinder, Water carrier condoms (2)
  • Flint and Striker, Fire tablets, Sewing needles, Small tin, Vinyl tape,
  • Sleeping bag, Nylon cord, Compass, Candle, Suspender clips, Fishing kit,
  • Snare wire, Wire saw, Razor blade, Elastic band, Instruction sheet, Foil blanket (matt olive).
  • Size of Go Pack is 18 x 12 x 5cm (7 x 4.5 x 2)
  • Weight of Survival kit 450g (16oz)
  • Excellent bit of Genuine Aircrew Survival Kit
  • Name: