Wooden pegs

Strong Wooden Hand Made Ash Tent Pegs, in Different Sizes

from £4.99
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Pack Of 5 Wooden Tent Pegs 6 Inch (Code: PEGS-WOODEN-6INCH) £4.99  Inc. VAT
Pack of 5 Wooden Tent Pegs 9 inch (Code: PEGS-WOODEN-9-INCH) £5.99  Inc. VAT
Pack Of 5 Wooden Tent Pegs 12 Inch (Code: PEGS-WOODEN-12INCH) £6.75  Inc. VAT
Pack Of 5 Wooden Tent Pegs 15 Inch (Code: PEGS-WOODEN-15INCH) £8.50  Inc. VAT
Pack Of 2 Wooden Tent Pegs 18 Inch (Code: 2-PEGS-WOODEN-18INCH) £6.99  Inc. VAT

  • Quality Hand Crafted wooden Ash Tent pegs
  • Hand cut, So Different slightly different shapes
  • Please note these are not the cheaper pallet style pegs supplied by some other companies!
  • Rustic looking and strong and tough
  • Ideal for living history
  • Scout Tents Or Marques
  • Available in packs of 5
  • The 18 Inch pegs are in packs of 2 at 6.99 for 2 pegs
  • Different Sizes available..
  • 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 inch Pegs
  • Please Note That Due to the nature of wood, and that they are hand made, each peg will be slightly different!

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