Spare fibreglass poles

Fibre Glass Tent Poles, Spare Fibreglass Tent pole sets Different Sizes

£3.99 - £11.99
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Fiberglass Pole Set 7.9mm, 400cm long (Code: 7.9MM-FIBREGLAS-POLE) £7.99  Inc. VAT
Fibreglass Pole Set 8.5mm thick 500cm Long (Code: 8.5MM-FIBREGLAS-POLE) £8.99  Inc. VAT
Fiberglass Pole Set 9.5mm, 550cm long (Code: 9.5MM-FIBREGLAS-POLE) £9.99  Inc. VAT
Fibreglass pole 11mm, 70cm long x 1 (Code: 11MM-FIBRE-POLE-1) £3.99  Inc. VAT
11mm 11 Sections SET of Fibreglass pole set 700cm long in total (Code: 11MM-700CM-POLE-SET) £9.99  Inc. VAT
11mm SET of Fibreglass poles 775cm long in total - 9 Sections (Code: 11MM-POLE-SET-775CM) £11.99  Inc. VAT
  • Spare Single or set of Fibre glass poles
  • Available in 7.9mm, 8.5mm, 9.5mm and 11mm diametre
  • Total of 7 sections for the 7.9mm and 8.5mm sets
  • Total of 9 sections for the 9.5mm and 11mm sets
  • Can be shortened by upto 10cm on each pole
  • overall length 400cm (7.9mm) and 500cm (8.5mm)
  • Length 550cm (9.5mm) and 775cm (11mm)
  • suitable for many makes of tents
  • Kit includes 7 or 9 sections,
  • elastic cord length of 400, 500, 600 and 775cm respectivley
  • Also 8.6mm Single Pole @ 1.75
  • It is 600mm long and 8.6mm thick
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